The Company

Acerbis Legno: tradition and technology

For three generations we have been involved in woodworking and today we represent one of the most important reality in this field.

Since the beginnings our company has been characterised by the quality of the manufacturing which, together with the customer care, made us the leaders.
Today, using technologies of the last generation, we are able to work all the materials with great results.

We have always been keen on technology evolution in the utmost respect of the environment and we provide our customers with our designers’ advice and know-how so to produce goods of the highest quality.

On a covered area of 5,000 square metres, we can satisfy all the needs of the furnishings industry, from the component to the finished and packed furniture.

Acerbis Legno SemilavoratiAcerbis Legno SemilavoratiAcerbis Legno SemilavoratiAcerbis Legno Semilavorati